Brand Bricks

Brand Bricks

Brand Bricks befindet sich in einer frühen, experimentellen und geschlossenen Alpha-Entwicklungsphase. Schaue später noch einmal vorbei, um mehr zu erfahren.

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Release info

BRAND BRICKS is in an early development phase.
Version 0.4.0(September 22, 2022)
Added a text snippets page for your brand guides 🙌
Version 0.3.0(October 14, 2021)
🎉 New Feature! 🎉 – Did you ever want to have all of your brand’s icons in one place? We added "Icons", a brand new section to BRICKS. It’s still quite simple: a list of icon files each with a name. This section will also be further developed and get more features in the future.
Version 0.2.2(September 11, 2021)
Updated Feature: It is possible to add categories like "logo" or "colors" to each rule at the "Dos and Don’ts" section now.
Version 0.2.1(September 9, 2021)
Visual and technical improvements for the "Dos and Don’ts" Section.
Version 0.2.0(September 8, 2021)
New Feature! – Added "Dos and Don’ts", a brand new section to BRICKS. Here you can add the design rules for your brand: how things should be or should not be done. This section will be further developed and get more features in the nearer future. STAY TUNED!